Is my Subaru affected by an open recall?Safety has been, and always will be, the driving force within every Subaru - from engineering to real-world results. It is one of the reasons you and your family have put trust in our brand, and we want to assure you you've made the right choice.Replacement parts and repairs for recalls are provided by Subaru of America at no cost to the customer.
STEP 1: Use our recall search tool below

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
STEP 2: Book your recall service visit:

Talk to a Proctor Subaru Service Advisor about your vehicle's recall, part availability and scheduling your repair.

Complete our secure online form with vehicle and contact information, and a Service Advisor will be in touch.
How long will my recall repair take?Proctor Subaru wants to get you safely back in your vehicle as soon as possible!Once a service advisor knows your VIN number, they will determine the course of action needed to repair your vehicle, will assist in scheduling your visit, and will give you an estimate for how long the repair will take.
What determines the length of my recall repair?Scope of RepairHow complex is the repair? Did a faulty part impact other parts of the vehicle, also requiring repair?

PersonnelLarge recalls (such as the Takata Airbag Recall) create huge demand for service visits, and service technicians may be busier than usual.Part AvailabilityDoes the recall require parts? Are the parts in stock? Do they have to be ordered? Do the parts have to be manufactured?

FacilityHow busy is the service center and dealership autoshop? A longer wait may be required if all lifts are occupied with other vehicles

Where can I get repairs done and what are the costs to me?
PROCTOR SUBARU1707 Capital Circle, NE Tallahassee, FL 32308

Simply call the dealership and schedule a visit to the service department to have the repair made or defective parts replaced. The parts and labor associated with the repair will be free of charge to the customer and covered by the Subaru of America.

Though it is not necessary to visit the dealership you bought your vehicle from (this can be challenging for people who purchase their vehicle out-of-state), it is necessary to visit an authorized Subaru dealership instead of third party autoshop. The dealership will have the manufacturer-authorized parts to complete your repair at no charge to you.