2017 Subaru Impreza Unveiled At LA Auto Show

As the release date of the brand new Impreza approaches, consumers are left anxious to witness the unveiling of this stunning Subaru concept. The 2017 Impreza is on its way to the November L.A. Auto Show as the sedan counterpart to the original hatchback model.

According to Autoblog, the Impreza “is a design concept car previewing the next-generation Impreza which is to be the first one of Subaru's next-generation strategic vehicles envisioned in FHI's Mid-Term Management Vision ‘Prominence 2020’ announced in May 2014. While positioned as an entry model in the Subaru lineup, its compact body features a blend of bold expressions of Subaru's Dynamic & Solid design elements and a quality feel beyond its class – hinting at the design direction not only of the new Impreza but of Subaru's future models as a whole.”

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The 2017 Impreza is slightly larger than previous generations, will ride on an all-new platform (dubbed the Subaru Global Platform), and will provide better fuel economy with a direct-injection engine for consumers to enjoy. This fuel economy is expected to output 28 mpg/city and 37 mpg/hwy. The sedan will closely mimic the unique styling of the Impreza 5-door hatc
hback, but will, of course, include a trunk rather than a hatch.

Main Features of the 2017 Subaru Impreza

Each curve of the 2017 Impreza is seamlessly connected by the Dynamic & Solid surface structure, creating a three-dimensional body that is a staple of Subaru shaping. This dynamic is enhanced by carefully constructed lines on the compact body styling. The design expression of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” the sentiment Subaru provides to its customers, is fully pursued within the limits of the C-segment body size, according to Autoblog. Pertaining to functionality essential to a Subaru car, outstanding aerodynamics is achieved through the new Impreza’s body shape.

The Subaru look is expressed in the Wide & Low stance of the all-new Impreza, as well as in the unified three-dimensional structure extending from the hexagonal grille symbolizing the Subaru identity to the hawk-eye headlights. The chiseled curves of the Impreza extending from the front fender to the door panels and rear shoulder, and the line rising enthusiastically toward the rear from the lower door panel, provide dynamism to the solid body surface. The compelling fender flares suggest the reliability of Subaru All-Wheel Drive.

This luxury car will feature a 4-inch LCD display with the option to upgrade to a 6.2-inch high resolution touchscreen display. Most trims will come equipped with cloth upholstery, but updated models will feature leather seats for a more extravagant feel. As far as specs go, there is speculation that the 2017 model will keep the same 2.0-L 4-cylinder engine with 148 hp as previous models, whereas the high-performing models will use a turbocharged engine that will produce closer to 300 hp. A 5-speed manual transmission or available CVT transmission is standard for all base models.

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Subaru fans can expect a big change and can anticipate a more thrilling ride with the 2017 Impreza. Be on the lookout for updates as more information on this spectacular vehicle is offered. Look for this new model coming in October of 2016 at a Subaru near you!

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