What is Subaru EyeSight?

We live in an age of the most advanced and safest automobiles ever built. Over the course of the last few decades automakers have concentrated their safety efforts on ways to reduce the possibility of you and your family suffering serious injury or even death should you be involved in an accident. Among these developments have been anti-lock brakes, airbags, and crumple zones designed to absorb the shock of impact. Thanks to amazing advances in technology Proctor Subaru is proud to introduce the Subaru EyeSight® system to our Tallahassee, FL customers. 

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What is Subaru Eyesight®?

Safety technology in today's Subaru vehicles continues to improve at incredible speeds as our engineers seek to build the safest vehicles on the road. Our only goal is to ensure that you and your family remain safe in any driving conditions as well as at any time you are involved in an accident.

The Subaru EyeSight® system uses cameras located at the top of the windshield to help warn you about approaching obstacles in many forms in order to reduce the possibility of a collision. In the event you do not react in time to avoid the accident, your Subaru vehicle is capable of stopping itself. Both the Subaru Legacy and Outback, which have been equipped with this amazing system, have been awarded the top crash-avoidance rating issued by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  The system offers four very important functions to keep you safe on the road. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

The cameras are used to detect the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you while you have the cruise control activated. As the speed of the vehicle in front of you fluctuates, EyeSight® will adjust the throttle setting to match the other vehicle's speed. The system can also apply the brakes to help slow you down or stop you in the event the other vehicle comes to a halt in front of you.  

Lane Departure and Sway Warning

The EyeSight® cameras continuously monitor your vehicle's position in your lane. In the event you wander out of your lane or begin to sway back and forth in your lane the system delivers a warning. This warning can be either a visual or an audible warning or both. For those who take long trips and risk becoming sleepy at the wheel, this warning can be a real lifesaver.

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Pre-Collision Braking

Inasmuch as you might think your reaction times are excellent, there are times when you have been behind the wheel for far too long and are getting tired. EyeSight® has been designed to prevent frontal collisions or at least reduce their severity by fully applying the brakes in an emergency to significantly reduce the chances of hitting the vehicle in front of you.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

In much the same way as the EyeSight® system has been designed to apply the brakes to help prevent a frontal collision, it also controls the throttle position. In the event the system detects the fact you are about to collide with an obstacle in front of you, it will significantly reduce the amount of power being supplied by the engine. In doing this, EyeSight® reduces the forces that come into play during a frontal impact accident. Not only can this reduce the severity of any injuries, it can also help to reduce the amount of damage done to your Subaru.

To learn more about all the Subaru EyeSight® system has to offer, come into Proctor Subaru and talk to one of our highly knowledgeable and friendly sales specialists.

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