Lost Keys

In this edition of Proctor Car Tips we will be providing some general advice regarding the lost keys conundrum.

Lost Key Prevention

The best way to avoid lost keys is to prevent losing them in the first place. First and foremost, if you have extra copies, give one to a trusted friend or family member. Also, if you're tech savvy, they do make apps for finding your keys. This is usually done with Bluetooth technology via your mobile phone.

If a smart phone app isn't for you, there's always the old school way. This would be something like getting one of those little magnetic lockboxes which you can stick to the underside carriage of your car. It's a method that's stood the test of time, because the lockbox ensures that you will always have an accessible set of keys if you've locked yourself out.

What if I've Already Lost My Keys?

Should you call a locksmith? That is a very good idea for older model car keys that don't have mobilizers built in them. If you have a more modern car key with a mobilizer built in, that's going to be a different story. It isn't necessarily more difficult to replace a mobilizer key, however it gets very specific as to who can replace your key. Many times you'll have to go to your manufacturer to order a key like this. Sometimes they just need a simple VIN.
Replacing Traditional Keys vs. Modern Keys

More modern keys are laser cut these days. With straight cut keys (the older style model), you could just go to your local department store and have one made. However with today's laser cut keys, you will probably have to visit your local dealership or manufacturer, to get a replacement or duplicate. It's worth knowing that the more modern laser cut keys are a little more expensive to replace.

Key Replacement Coverage

Let's say you have a brand new car. Does your car warranty cover for any lost keys? As of right now, from what we've researched, the answer is no. The car manufacturer's warranty only covers the car itself - not the keys. However, many manufacturers offer something called key replacement coverage. This might be worth looking into before purchasing your next car. 

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