Warren Buffett Drives a Subaru Outback

As if Warren Buffet didn't already get enough credit for being a genius...

The "Wizard of Omaha" is one of the most recognizable and well respected billionaires on the planet. Known for his shrewd investing skills, Buffet, is most famously, the CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway Holding Company. According to Forbes, Buffet checks in as the #3 wealthiest billionaire of 2014 with a net worth of 65.7 billion.

Despite his insane wealth, Buffet has always been known for his modest and frugal sensibilities. Recently, he was photographed in this red Subaru Outback. Although it's difficult to tell for sure, it looks to be one of the new 2015 models. We think this is pretty cool. Not only because Subaru looks to have the Warren-Buffett-Seal-Of-Approval, but also, because people of his wealth typically opt for super luxurious automobiles.

It's a major testament to the Subaru brand, even if Buffet only (sort of) can be described as a brand ambassador. This is the only evidence we have, but it's safe to presume that Buffet respects the overall high quality value that a Subaru Outback offers.

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